3 Reasons Why Good Record Keeping Benefits Your Business

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September 6, 2019
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September 6, 2019

3 Reasons Why Good Record Keeping Benefits Your Business

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Every business out there should consider record keeping an essential component of their success. Without good records, you can run into serious legal issues, confused employees, and big problems. There’s nothing worse than trying to deal with an audit or legal inquiry and being unable to find the appropriate documentation. One of the easiest ways to avoid serious legal and tax issues is to implement a flawless system of record keeping. It might not seem like it’s a high-priority when you are first starting off, but good record keeping will absolutely benefit your business over the long term. Below, we are going to help you learn about 3 reasons why good record keeping benefits your business.

1. Allows You to Monitor Business Progress

One of the best reasons why you should focus on keeping good business records is because it allows you to track and monitor your business progress. You will be able to see whether your business is improving or declining by keeping good records. Having an idea of what you are selling, what you are spending money on, and what changes you need to make are essential to the success of your company. With good record keeping, you will always be able to monitor your business progress and make changes whenever necessary.

2. Estimate Taxes

Taxes are a huge expense for all business owners. You should always keep an eye on your current and future tax liabilities to avoid unpleasant surprises that can derail your P&L. This is a big reason why good record keeping should be considered essential for every business. Record keeping allows you to estimate your tax liability and plan for the future. Going into tax season without the records you need is essentially guessing. This can lead to expensive audits and big liabilities that you weren’t aware of. With good record keeping practices, you will always have an accurate idea about what you will need to pay in taxes.

3. Easier to Get a Loan or Sell Your Business

If you ever decide that it’s time to sell your business or apply for a loan to expand your business, you will need to provide accurate records to make the deals go through. This is yet another reason why good record keeping can benefit your business. Trying to get a loan without accurate financial statements and record-keeping will be a huge challenge. It will be even more difficult trying to sell your company without having the records and information you need. Try to keep good financial records and legal records for your business from day one so that you won’t run into issues if you ever decide to sell or apply for a loan.

There are plenty of other reasons why you should focus on good record-keeping as a business owner. If you are looking for additional legal advice for your business, you can always reach out to Derryberry & Associates LLP for assistance.