4 Common Problems for Startups

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May 28, 2019
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4 Common Problems for Startups

Startups are popping up everywhere these days. The spirit of entrepreneurship is leading more and more individuals towards pursuing the creation of their businesses. Startup owners that choose the path of entrepreneurship certainly won’t have an easy path to achieve success. They will have to compete with big and established competitors while trying to avoid failure due to their limited budgets. There are tons of problems that startups can face, but that doesn’t mean that success is unattainable. One way to make sure your startup has a great chance for success is to hire a great business attorney for legal advice and contract reviews. Keep reading on to learn about 4 common problems for startups so that you can try your best to avoid them.

1. No Marketing Strategy

Many startup founders are intelligent and motivated individuals that are willing to sacrifice their time and money to make their vision become a reality. However, without a proper marketing strategy, a startup faces a huge barrier to success. Startups have to figure out the right way to market their products or services, otherwise, they won’t ever be able to find customers. The good news is that there are tons of marketing options available that are both affordable and effective. Advertising via social media and the internet is a great option for startups that are looking for cost-effective marketing. The key here is that startup owners recognize the importance of marketing and invest the proper resources in spreading the word about their business.

2. Limited Finances

One of the biggest constraints that startups face is dealing with limited finances. Money is absolutely crucial for things like building a great team, marketing, and developing products and services. Without proper cash flow, a business is essentially doomed to fail. Startups must make the most out of every dollar they spend on business activities. Once income starts to increase, expenses tend to follow suit. It’s up for startup owners to deal with this problem in a smart and resourceful way.

3. Lack of Legal Expertise

Forming a business from a legal standpoint is something that startups simply can’t afford to get wrong. One of the biggest problems for startups is that they don’t really understand how things work from a legal standpoint. That’s why it’s crucial to hire a great business attorney like those at Derryberry & Associates LLP to provide legal help. It’s always money well spent when startups hire a great legal team to help them navigate the business world.

4. Building a Loyal Team

Another big issue that startups face is creating a loyal team. Startups typically look for younger talent that is open to working hard and making sacrifices today for a potentially bright and lucrative future. It can be really tough to find loyal employees and a team with a diverse skill set. The best startups are those that have a culture of loyalty and progression.

If you are a startup owner and are dealing with any of these problems or would like to speak with a legal expert, reach out to Derryberry & Associates LLP today.