5 Signs It’s Time to Evict Your Tenants

Top 5 Tips to Find the Best Estate Planning Lawyer
October 19, 2018
Top 5 Tips to Find the Best Estate Planning Lawyer
October 19, 2018

5 Signs It’s Time to Evict Your Tenants


Have you been having trouble with some of your tenants? Have you tried giving them warnings, issuing official statements, and trying to reason with them all to no avail?

Then it might be time to evict. Eviction might seem harsh, but as the landlord, it’s your right to evict tenants under certain circumstances. It is your property, and the tenants living there must follow the lease agreement they signed.

If you notice any of these 5 signs happening, then it might be time to evict.

1. Failure to Pay Rent

It’s not uncommon for some real estate landlords to allow tenants to be late on rent once or twice. Landlords are people too: you understand that sometimes emergencies happen or things come up that could cause a late payment.

But if your tenants are consistently late paying rent, or even don’t pay rent at all, then that’s grounds to evict them. By signing the lease, they agreed to pay a certain amount of rent on a certain date. If they fail to do so, you can evict them.

2. Illegal Activity Occurring on Property

If you discover that your tenants are doing something illegal on the property, that’s another sign it’s time for them to go. For example, you could find out that your tenants are buying and selling illegal drugs on the property.

This is a definite reason to evict them. You don’t want to be caught up with people who are involved in illegal activity, especially when they’re on your property.

3. Illegal Use of Property

Besides illegal activity on the property, tenants could be using the property illegally. For example, they could be renting the property to live in but be illegally running a business in there as well.

This violates both the lease agreement as well as potentially violating business and zoning laws. If you find out something like this is occurring, that’s a sign it’s time to evict.

4. Property Damage Caused by the Tenants

Normal wear and tear is fine. Things happen when people live on a property and you as the landlord are responsible for this type of damage.

What’s not acceptable is major damage caused by the tenants. If they’ve caused major damage to the property because of neglect, negligence, or on purpose (for whatever reason), that’s grounds for eviction.

5. Other Breach of Lease Agreement

If your tenants breach any other aspect of the lease agreement, you can evict them. Perhaps they have multiple dogs when the lease specifies no pets. Or maybe they have another person not on the lease living in the apartment.

Whatever the case, if the tenants are breaching the lease agreement in any way, that’s a sign you should evict them.

Is It Time to Evict Your Tenants?

If any of these 5 signs sound like the situation you’re dealing with, it might be time to consider evicting your tenants. You might want to speak to a lawyer, though, to make sure that you have proper grounds to evict before taking any steps.

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