Lancaster Employment Lawyer

There are a variety of reasons why you might need a lawyer at some point in your life. Finding a reliable and skilled lawyer can prove difficult. Derryberry & Associates has been serving the Lancaster area for over 15 years, specializing in real estate, estate planning, employment, and business law. We think you’ll immediately realize why this lovely community continues to depend on us for all of their legal needs, thanks to our broad range of expertise and professional, yet friendly approach.

Employment Law

As a business owner, it’s necessary to protect yourself against legal threats – whether external or internal. Disputes and legal action can come from existing or former employees. Without the right legal representation, your business may be unnecessarily vulnerable to employment disputes. At Derryberry & Associates, our employer attorneys have all the knowledge and expertise to protect and defend your business against employee lawsuits and complaints of all kinds.

Discrimination Claims

When an employee feels that they’ve been treated unfairly based on their parental status, age disability, national origin, sex, religion, color, or race, they may choose to purue legal action against your company. Employment discrimination claims can be irreversibly damaging to businesses, so it’s very important to find a law firm that knows exactly how to handle these serious and delicate cases. Derryberry & Associates has all the experience and know-how to help you prove your side of any discrimination claim.

Wrongful Termination Claims

It’s important to familiarize yourself with state regulations so you’re prepared to handle employee terminations legally. When a former employee feels like they’ve been terminated wrongfully, a lawsuit can result. Your finances and reputation could be at stake when these accusations come your way. Your employment lawyer in Lancaster will help you refute any disputes or claims, and we’ll also help you protect yourself against similar problems in the future.


In some industries and business types, a non-compete agreement is signed upon hiring. Employees who fail to sign may be refused employment, and those who violate those agreements may be subject to litigation. We’ll help you draft an airtight non-compete agreement or help your business prove that a violation has occurred, protecting your business against competing business dealings that could be detrimental to the success of your own company.

Unemployment Compensation

In some cases, contesting a former employee’s unemployment claim is prudent. If an employee was fired for gross misconduct or quit their job voluntarily, you may wish to contest their unemployment claim. There are, however, certain cases in which we would advise against contesting an unemployment claim. Our employment lawyers will help you determine whether or not you should proceed with disputing the claim, walk you through the process of contesting the claim, and help you provide all the necessary proof and documentation in the event of a hearing or appeal.

Class Action Defense

As a business owner, facing a class action lawsuit can be one of the most stressful situations you’ve ever encountered. Protecting your financial and reputational interests is key, and you shouldn’t go it alone. Being accused of consumer fraud, improper insurance practices, securities fraud, or another serious legal offense can cause a great deal of strain on any business and business owner. Your Lancaster employee lawyer at Derryberry & Associates is prepared to defend you against class action lawsuits of all kinds, and we’re here to support you and your business through this difficult and trying time.

Trade Secret Protection

When your business involves intellectual property, defending that property is critical. From processes to recipes to techniques and beyond, your company’s trade secrets must be properly defended from a legal standpoint. Your employment attorney in Lancaster will partner with you to ensure that your intellectual property is thoroughly protected, and we’ll also help you with any necessary claims or lawsuits that may be required if your intellectual property is misappropriated.

Policies & Procedures

Perhaps you need help drawing up legal documents outlining your company’s specific policies and procedures, or maybe you need help with bringing a lawsuit against an employee who violated those guidelines. As an employer, it’s crucial to confirm that your policies are written in a clear, direct, and legal manner that makes those policies clear to employees, keeps your business running smoothly, and supports you in the event of legal issues. When you contact an employment lawyer at Derryberry & Associates, you’ll find the most professional and friendly legal representation Lancaster has to offer. We can help you draft any procedural or policy documents your business needs to operate smoothly, and we can also help you defend those documents legally if the need arises.

Labor Board Hearings

If you or your business face a labor board hearing, it’s important to exercise your right to appear with legal counsel. Representing yourself can land you in a costly and confusing predicament. Our Lancaster labor law lawyers will be there to support you through the process, using our extensive knowledge, experience, and expertise to handle even the most complex cases.

Unpaid Overtime Claims

The state of California has specific employer law guidelines where overtime is concerned. If an employee or former employee accuses you or your business of neglecting to pay them for work they performed in excess of those legal limits, they may make a claim against you or bring forth a lawsuit. Finding the right legal representation is essential to protect you against costly litigation, and our employer legal defense lawyers are the team for the job. Our Lancaster labor law attorneys know how to protect your business against lawsuits and reputational damage.

Sexual Harassment Defense

Sexual harassment claims can be incredibly damaging to a business. Such claims often draw a great deal of attention from within the organization, and when word spreads to external sources, the damage can be catastrophic. If an executive or employee is accused of sexual harassment unfairly, your Lancaster employee attorney will walk you through the process of defending your company and your reputation. We’ll help you prove that the accusations are unfounded and stop the problem from worsening. We are familiar with all potential employer law violations and legal issues, and we’re here to help you defend your business and put those troubles behind you.

Unpaid Meal Break Claims

Employers are legally required to allow employees to take breaks, depending on the length of the employee’s shift. Laws can vary greatly from one industry and business type to another. If an employee or former employee feels that they were prevented from taking their rightful meal breaks, they may make a claim against your business for compensation. Our employer labor law attorneys are well-versed in every element of state, local, and federal labor laws, and we can help prove your side of a case or help you put protections and policies in place to prevent future claims.

Litigation Defense

When your business faces federal or state litigation, it can be a scary and uncertain time. With all the employment laws and regulations employers must adhere to, it’s all but certain that you’ll find yourself needing an employment attorney sooner or later. We provide competent and thorough legal defense for employers, representing your business with care and confidence. Whether you or your business have been accused of sexual harassment, discrimination, unpaid overtime, a policy violation, or another problem altogether, our local employment lawyers near you will work hard to get you back to business as usual.