How to Be a Successful Landlord

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July 25, 2019
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How to Be a Successful Landlord

Owning property can be a great opportunity to gain expertise in the business world and learn how to deal with all different types of people. Your return on investment can be quite large if you treat your tenants right and learn how to handle being a landlord the right way. There are plenty of landlords out there that don’t take their role seriously and end up with bad tenants or expensive legal problems. The truth is that being a successful landlord isn’t rocket science. Treat your role like a job and approach each interaction with your tenants with empathy and you will surely end up making money. Below, we’ve put together a few practical tips that will help you be a successful landlord. Remember to reach out to Derryberry & Associates LLP for legal assistance related to tenant landlord law.

1. Understand the Your Property is a Business

One of the biggest mistakes that hold people back from becoming successful landlords is the idea that their investment in property isn’t a business. If you own property and you are renting it out, you should take things seriously and focus your efforts on being a good business owner. Create systems that help you stay on top of each one of your tenants. Stay organized at all times to avoid running into unnecessary expenses. The sooner you accept the fact that your property investment is a business, the closer you will be towards finding success as a landlord.

2. Respect Your Tenants

As a landlord, you always want your tenants to be happy and keep coming back to renew their lease each and every year. Their monthly rent payments are vital to the overall success of your property investment. One way to make sure that your tenants are happy and that rental income is constantly flowing in is to really focus on treating your tenants with respect. Don’t let things get too personal between you and your tenants and always treat them with dignity. This is one of the true secrets of becoming a successful landlord.

3. Spend the Necessary Time to Avoid Bad Tenants

There’s nothing worse than a bad tenant. A tenant that doesn’t ever pay rent on time, damages the property, or ends up getting evicted is what most people consider to be a bad tenant. It will pay off in the long-run if you spend the time and money running background checks on your tenants and avoiding the bad ones. Make sure that any tenant can afford to pay their rent and that they are not dealing with any pending felonies. It’s also important to avoid any discriminatory practices when you are evaluating potential tenants. Avoiding bad tenants is certainly one of the more important ways to become a successful landlord.

4. Reach Out for Legal Advice

Unless you are a true expert in landlord tenant law, it’s always a good idea to reach out to an attorney for some extra legal advice. This might just be the most crucial factor in becoming a successful landlord. Reach out to Derryberry & Associates LLP if you are interested in receiving legal advice from the best in the industry.