Important Policies for Small Businesses to Have

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October 3, 2019
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October 3, 2019

Important Policies for Small Businesses to Have

Owning a small business requires you to lay down a certain framework for your employees to operate under. There are certain policies you should get down in writing to avoid potentially disastrous legal consequences. These policies will help you mitigate risks in the workplace and keep your employees productive and happy during the time they spend working for you. We have put together a list of a few important policies for small businesses to have below. Make sure you have policies down in writing and that you are reviewing your legal documentation with a credible business lawyer.

1. Employee Code of Conduct

This policy is an essential thing for small businesses to have down in writing. You want to make sure that all of your employees are aware of the expectations while they are working. Distribute a copy of the employee code of conduct to make sure everyone understands things like attendance and social media use at the company. This is an absolutely essential policy for small businesses that should never be overlooked.

2. Workplace Health and Safety

Another crucial policy for small businesses is the workplace health and safety policy. This is designed to help workers stay safe while they are on the work premises. An accident is the last thing you want to happen to one of your employees, but the reality is that one can occur at any time. That’s why having a written workplace health and safety policy is so valuable. You want your employees to have an idea about handling accidents and other situations in the workplace. Make sure you prioritize creating a workplace health and safety policy that helps your employees stay safe during their time spent at your company.

3. Disciplinary Policy

Every business owner will have to deal with disciplining an employee at some point. With a clear disciplinary policy, you can make sure all of your employees understand what can occur in the event of performance issues and other violations of company policy. Your goal should be to create a disciplinary policy that allows fair and equal action for all of your employees. Creating a standardized disciplinary process is a great way to get procedures in place that will make your job easier when you do have to deal with disciplining an employee.

4. Drug and Alcohol Policy

Drug and alcohol use at your business can lead to serious safety risks and other serious legal issues. Make sure you have a drug and alcohol policy in place that lets employees know these substances are prohibited while working. It’s best to be clear and concise with these types of policies to make sure employees know their responsibilities. Going over a drug and alcohol policy with a lawyer is always a good idea to make sure it is clearly outlined and legitimate from a legal perspective.

These are only a few examples of important policies for small businesses to have, but they are important ones. If you need help with creating policies that protect your small business legally, reach out to Derryberry & Associates LLP today.