Eviction and Landlord Assistance

Landlords face many challenges. Often those challenges involve tenants who refuse to pay their rent or become a nuisance on the property. Unfortunately the process of eviction of a residential or commercial tenant is more complicated than providing a notice. Landlords need legal advocacy to protect their rights.  Retaining an attorney with the knowledge and experience to guide your case through the eviction process can save time and money.

If your residential or commercial tenant is creating a nuisance, breaching a lease or failing to make rent payments, we will aggressively represent you in court to regain possession of your property and collect the money you are owed.

As a landlord, you can not change door locks or cut utilities to facilitate the eviction of a tenant. California law has safeguards built in for tenants, and you assume criminal liability for such actions. You must give proper notice to your tenant, during which time your tenant must pay you or stop the nuisance you requested. If they still fail to comply with the demands of the notice, a lawsuit can be filed for eviction. Even after a lawsuit is filed and won in court, the actual eviction of your tenant is a separate step with it's own set of rules and requirements.

Whether you own several properties or just one, our attorneys provide the knowledgeable counsel and representation you need when handling eviction actions. We have experience representing landlords in eviction proceedings from notice to recovery of the property.  Each situation you face is unique, and even though you may have had experience evicting a problem tenant before, do not be caught off guard by thinking you know all of the caveats of the law.

Contact our office to begin the eviction process and we will evict your non-paying or nuisance tenants as quickly as the law allows.

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