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Probate is the legal process that involves how the estate of a deceased individual will be distributed and who will be appointed as the executor taking responsibility for the proper distribution of the estate's assets to the appropriate beneficiaries. Probate can be an exhausting and grueling process for individuals who are grieving for the loss of a loved one and are now confronted with a legal process that can be confusing. To make the probate process easier to handle, it is important to hire a probate attorney so they can assist in filing proper legal documents and provide counsel for navigating the legal process. At the law firm of Derryberry, we have a team of educated and experienced probate attorneys that can help to ease the pain for clients involved in the probate process.

At Derryberry, we understand how complicated and confusing the probate process can be, so we encourage our clients to have an estate plan in place to help with the probate process. At Derryberry, we have an experienced team of estate planning attorneys who can advise clients on proper estate planning and draft the appropriate legal paperwork for all estate planning to ensure that an individual wish is in writing to make the probate process less complicated. While having an estate plan in place can help the probate process, the probate attorneys at the law firm of Derryberry will provide the best counsel for all clients regardless of whether they have an estate plan or not. Probate attorneys can help clients navigate the probate process, which involves the steps below:

  • Will and Last Testament Authentication
  • Appoint an Executor
  • Location of Deceased Assets
  • Value of Assets
  • Identification and Notification of Creditors
  • Paying Debts
  • Preparation and Filing of Taxes
  • Estate Distribution

It is essential to hire a probate attorney, like those at the firm of Derryberry, with more complex estates because unforeseen issues can arise that include the following:


A probate lawyer is necessary for drafting legal documents that are necessary for the proper distribution of the individual's assets. This is especially true when it involves a business; a probate attorney can provide guidance and draft the appropriate legal documents required for sales agreements, transferring ownership, or dissolving ownership.


Unfortunately, probate often involves disputes when heirs do not receive what they think they are owed. These emotional times are best left to a probate lawyer with no emotional investment to help draft the proper paperwork and provide guidance through the probate process.


There are times when wills or estate planning is unclear, and heirs require a judge to interpret the wishes of the deceased individual. Sometimes individuals may challenge the will, and it will need to be settled in court, in either of these cases it is vital to have probate lawyer with you to help navigate the complex legal system and prepare the proper court documents.

The expert probate attorneys at the firm of Derryberry have the education and experience to provide clients with the advice and counsel they need during the probate process. We understand this can be a stressful time and our team of professionals will do everything in their power to make the process as easy and as possible to help reduce the amount of stress that the loved ones are experiencing.

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