What to Do if You Get an Eviction Notice

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What to Do if You Get an Eviction Notice

Sometimes you are expecting an eviction notice and sometimes they come out of nowhere. As a tenant, you have certain responsibilities to your landlord that are outlined in your contract. If you don’t uphold those responsibilities or if your landlord thinks that you are not, it’s likely you will get an eviction notice. There are several steps to take if you do get one of these notices, and it’s important to know your rights and figure out if there is a way to fix everything. A business lawyer like the eviction & landlord assistance experts at Derryberry Lawyers can always help you out in these types of situations. Keep reading on to learn what to do if you get an eviction notice.

1. Figure Out Why You Got the Eviction Notice

The first step you should take after you receive an eviction notice is to determine why you got it. If you haven’t been paying rent or your dog has destroyed the property, it might not come as a surprise that you are being evicted. However, often times tenants receive an eviction notice that comes as a total surprise. Some of the most common reasons for eviction we see as business lawyers are tenants not paying rent, breach of contract, excessive noise complaints, lease ended without renewal and destruction of property. If you think you are being evicted in an unlawful way, you should definitely contact a business lawyer to go over your case with you.

2. Respond Quickly

Often time, you will only have a few days after getting an eviction notice to submit your response. You might be tempted to ignore the eviction notice or hearing date, but this will lead to even worse consequences. Read the eviction notice thoroughly and contact the court clerk to figure out where you should show up for your hearing. This is even more important if you are planning to contest the eviction.

3. Contact a Business Lawyer

It always helps to have a legal expert that can walk you through the best course of action in these types of situations. For example, a lawyer from Derryberry & Associates LLP can help you better understand your best course of action and let you know if you do have a case for contesting the eviction. Talk things over with an expert to really stay on top of your eviction notice.

4. Talk with Your Landlord

You can always try speaking with your landlord to avoid eviction. After you receive the eviction notice, you can reach out to your landlord to try and come to an agreement on how to resolve the situation. Maybe you can offer to pay the rent you owe or revise the rental arrangement to make up for late payments. You can also provide money for any damaged property. Whatever the issue is, talking with your landlord might give you the opportunity to bypass eviction completely.

Eviction notices can be a big headache, but not with a great business lawyer. Contact Derryberry & Associates LLP for expert help with your eviction notice.